About Me

Why Bill Boehm and Who is He?

Hi I’m Bill Boehm, For over 23 years, I have been getting people approved for affordable home loans.

Did you know in the last 12 months, almost 1/2 of all people who applied for a home loan were denied and 1/3 of those denials could have been approved? This means many Loan Officer’s out there are making mistakes or they don’t have the loan programs that could have gotten the loans approved.  Unfortunately, it’s a big problem.  Because of this, more and more people aren’t applying for mortgages because they assume that they just won’t qualify today.

Mortgage guidelines are constantly changing and can defy common sense.  And, many lenders have their own narrow view of the type of loans that they like and will approve.  Think about it, if you call a big bank or mortgage company, are they going to tell you if another lender down the street has better rates or a program that would work better for you? The answer is no, they will sell you only what they have. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have an experienced Loan Officer in your corner, with many sources to go for program options and pricing.

We are a Hybrid Lender

Working for a direct lender that is also a licensed mortgage broker is the best of both worlds.  This gives me the ability to check multiple sources for the best pricing and tailor solutions to suit individual needs.  In short, when I’m on the job you really have a number of institutions working on the best deal for you, without multiple inquiries to your credit.


When you work with me you’ll:


  1. Be presented with the best options that you qualify for, based on pricing and need.
  2. Learn quickly if you are approved and for how much.
  3. Clearly understand the process
  4. Have peace of mind knowing your loan will actually fund.
  5. Have ongoing access to me and my knowledge that will keep you informed and save you even more money over time.


“I am only an average man, but I work harder at it than the average man.” –Theodore Roosevelt


This statement culminates the essence of my life. Being the grandson of a man who worked for the same company for 47 years, my work ethic and dedication seems to be hard wired in.  I strive to be an ever changing yardstick of quality to my clients and lead a professional life that contributes to the society that I owe so much to.


Who is Bill Boehm?

Personal Biography:

I was born outside of Chicago, but my family moved to California when I was very young.  Throughout school I was a hard working student and strove to be an engineer like my grandfather.  I also swam competitively and played water polo.

After my Freshman year at college  (USC, 1992, BA International Relations) I realized that I had taken my water polo as far as I could and that I wanted to go in a different direction educationally.  I changed my major to International Relations and had the wonderful opportunity of holding two internships for a U.S. Senator; one in Washington, DC and the other at his campaign HQ in Costa Mesa, CA.


My career in mortgage lending began in 1993 and I began directly helping clients with their home loans in 1995.  Since this time, I have seen a couple peaks and valleys in my industry.  None of which has been more significant than when the sub-prime mortgage meltdown and housing crash began in 2007.   Fortunately my business has still been successful due to my commitment to my core principles, continually educating myself and dedication to doing my best for my clients.



I’ve been married to a great lady named Debbie for over 18 years and I cannot even imagine life without her.  We now have two girls, ages 12 and 15.

When I’m not helping clients attain their dreams, I’m living my dreams with my family.  To stay active I enjoy surfing, surfski paddling (picture above) and cross training.

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